Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mini-Vacation to CO

Well we are back from our mini-vacation. We got in about 8:30 Sunday night and visited a little bit and went to bed. We had a great time. Paul, my mom, and I left Rapid City about 3:30 Friday afternoon. We stopped in Chadron, Alliance, and Sterling before reaching Joes, CO about 10:30 that night. Jim, Addie, and my dad came the other direction and were about 20 min. behind us. They hit a deer about a mile from where were staying. We stayed at this little house near Addie's parents and Sat. went up to her parents and visited. Then we went to the hall and decorated and prepared the food and had a very nice reception. After the reception we went to Addie's parents for supper and then the young people, Jim, Addie, her sister Carla and husband Chris, and Paul and I went to the local bar. My parents and hers stayed home with Carla and Chris's daughter. We had a nice visit and enjoyed being out together. Sunday morning we had breakfast with them and then dad, mom, Paul and I came back to Rapid together. We spent a couple hours in Sidney at the Cabela's there. It was a lot of fun and we each got some new stuff. Paul and I worked on our wish list for there too. We had a really bad waitress at the Pizza Hut and it ended up taking over 1 1/2 for our meal, when it wasn't busy. She spilled marinara on both my parents and it took for ever since she didn't put in our order until after we got our breadsticks. We weren't pleased at all. Last night we spent putting stuff away, sorting laundry, changing the sheets, and boring stuff like that. I'm hoping to get to sew at least for a little while tonight. I sure miss my machine and need to get busy sewing something. Guess it's time for lunch. Thanks Jen for keeping up on us, so we don't fall behind writing. I'll try to find my camera cord tonight and download the pictures from this weekend.

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Jen said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic time. Now that their wedding is completely done; the spotlite is on you! Were they super excited to hear your news?

Yeah, get back to blogging lady! =)