Saturday, September 29, 2007

Busy Day

I guess the moon must be right or something, but we had a crazy day. I was up early to go to work and was moving all day. After work mom and I went and looked at patterns, fabric, and colors for the wedding. Then we went to four dress shops and found nothing I liked. I may be making my dress after all. We'll see what happens after I go to Sioux Falls shopping. Paul was going to finish putting in the tile in the entry today. When I got home, I was surprised to find the work trailer in front of the house. And the furniture in front of the garage! To my surprise, they had gone to the tent sale at the furniture store and bought a new couch, chair, kitchen table and four chairs! They were really cheap and good quality and we were badly in need of a new set. They look so good with our new floor. Tonight we went to Paul's grandparents house to show them my ring and Paul's wedding band. We had a nice visit, but I am tired and ready for bed.


jillquilts said...

Yeah, new furniture is awesome! I am glad for your surprise!

Maureen said...

What a surprise after your busy day! How I would love new furniture for our living room right about now but Emma (our dog) loves this stuff even though she is wearing it out!!!

Today we may be taking our carpeting out to see if we our hardwood is okay under it.

Congratulations on all your surprises yesterday and good luck on the dress hunt.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

What great surprise you got. The dress shopping may take a little time but all of a sudden you'll try one on and you'll know it's the right one for you, have patience.

Jen said...

Even though you didn't like what you saw, did you try stuff on to get an idea of the best dress type for you?

The one thing I remember from dress shopping was my mom complaining about my underware choice for dress shopping. She made me go out and buy a certain style if I was going to shop with her. It's not like what I had on was bad, it just was colorful and she didn't like seeing it through the dress. Sigh. MOM's!!!