Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mikaela is 40 Weeks Old

Mikaela turned 40 Weeks Old on October 26th. We spent the weekend at my dad's and she was busy playing outside with dad's kitties/cats. I swear there are more every time we go there. I started calling him the Old Cat Man. I counted 18!
Harty Family 014
We went to the park on Sat and even though it was cold, Mikaela got to swing.
Harty Family 018
She looks like she's ready to punch me.
Harty Family 024
She went down the slide.
Harty Family 038
She hung out with her daddy! We were waiting for the cattle the family was driving north. Check out her little pink/camo boots I picked up in MN at Fleet & Farm.
Harty Family 040
We also went to the Milesville Halloween Party. Mikaela was a puppy.
Mikaela 184
She picked a duck from the duck pond, did the cake walk, and bowled.
Mikaela 186
She threw the ball through the hole.
Mikaela 190
We had a fun weekend at my dad's doing things we normally don't do.

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