Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mikaela is 37 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 37 Weeks Old on October 5th! She's quite the little girl now. She's moving all around and getting into everything. She can't quite walk, but she's very close. She can walk if she's holding on to anything.
We've had beautiful weather, so we went outside for pictures .
Mikaela 065
I just love how her blue eyes sparkle.
Mikaela 067
She's so full of energy and doesn't like to sit still.
Mikaela 076
She's constantly moving and loves to crawl.
Mikaela 099


Janet said...

How quickly time has passed. She is so adorable--a busy lady. My heart does a little squeeze every time I see her--I know how much your Mom would love her.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

shes getting so big!! What a happy girl!