Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mikaela is 41 Weeks

Mikaela turned 41 Weeks Old on November 2nd.
For Halloween she was a puppy. We went trick or treating at my friend Karen's house, her great grandpa Joe's, and my aunt Jane's.
Great Grandpa Joe held her. She got two new outfits there.
Mikaela 235
Great Grandpa Joe, his wife Eva and Mikaela
Mikaela 238
Mikaela played with Cocoa Bean's toys at Aunt Jane's. 
Mikaela 240
She didn't care that they weren't her toys.
Mikaela 241
But Cocoa Bean wasn't so sure about her. She was a bit jealous. Notice CB's new collar from Jen's amazing Etsy store!
Mikaela 248

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