Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Groovy Girls

Friday night we had our monthly Groovy Girls meeting. My friends Gaila, Shonna, Sherri, and Emilee were there. We were missing Jen though.

Groovy Girls 003
There was lots of show and tell.
Groovy Girls 008
This baby quilt is so super cute!
Groovy Girls 011
This was from a beginners quilting class.
Groovy Girls 016
Emilee had made her daughter a new blanket with minkee on the back.
Groovy Girls 018
I worked on these pink and brown blocks. I was going to make a wall hanging, but now I'm kind of thinking I might make 4 table toppers and embroider on the centers and give them to friends for Christmas if I get them done.
Quilt 027
They are 24" square, so pretty big, but I really like this block.
Quilt 031
I have enough HST's left to make one more pattern, then I think I'm done with these, though I did find another pattern I might try. I've really enjoyed sewing with all these HST's and it's definately not one of my favorite quilting things, but this has been fun. I got 3 done on Friday night and just need to finish up the last one now.

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