Thursday, November 10, 2011

UFO SEW DOWN 2011 Comes to a Close!

October just seemed to fly by and I really felt like I didn't get anything done. I was starting to feel funky and crabby and I knew I had to clean up my sewing room and start over. Sat. I pulled out the backing I had started making a couple weeks before and finished it up for the BQ2 quilt. I got food poisoning 2 weeks ago, just after starting and had just thrown it in a pile. I got the backing finished and had the batting out, so I loaded it on the frame. Shonna was having a 31 Gifts party, so I went to that Sat. night. Do you know how hard it is to buy bags when you have a gazillion? When I got home I put the thread on the machine and started quilting. Mikaela was sleeping and I got it quilted in just about 3 hours before she woke up. I figured with the extra hour, I should use it at night.
Quilt 012
I'm not a green person, but this one looks good. My mom had started this and I hope to donate it to the Terra Sancta project.
Quilt 016
I did an all over meander with lime green Isacord on top and dark purple Bottomline in the bobbin.
Quilt 020
I cut the binding on the bias so the stripes would go around the quilt.
Quilt 021
This is the backing. The blue goes down the back. My mom didn't have many yardage pieces but I was able to make these work.
Quilt 034
Sunday after I got my homework done I worked on the Wolf for a while. I got the eyes, nose, and part of the face done. I already have the ears done, so it's slowly but surely going together.
Sunday and Monday nights I worked on this notebook holder for my MIL's co-worker. I embroidered her name on it since I have the embroidery machine at home this weekend.
Quilt 001 - Copy
I used up scraps from mom's stash for this project and I think it turned out pretty good. She wanted blues.
Quilt 003
I did slight corners instead of one big round front.
Quilt 004
Last night after I got home from class I made this fabric book for Mikaela. It turned out so cute and is all sewing related, but each page counts. I bought this back in April on the shop hop. I made one just like it for Molly, but wanted one for Mikaela. This will be her church book.
Quilt 023
I embroidered on the back of it so she'd know when I made it for her.  I have two others I'd like to get done by Christmas, but I'm doing a bunch of commission work this year, so we'll see. She'll never know if she gets them for her birthday instead!
Quilt 024
I also received Trish's block for the friendship swap, so I have all my blocks and can figure out if I need to make more now. I think it turned out cool.
Quilt 007
Last night I taught my Schlep bag class, but while I was at the store I pulled these 8 fat quarters to make a baby quilt. I'm going back to my favorite Happy Hour quilt. I've made several of this 9" block pattern and just love it. Anyone want to take a guess at my favorite pattern from the Happy Hour book by Atkinson designs? I'll draw a name from all those who are right and send a little gift.
Quilt 009
 The UFO challenge has come to an end and even though it was just Jacque and I, I feel like we were both productive. I finished 3 UFO's and worked on 2 others that I really wanted to work on, so I feel like I did better than if I hadn't had the challenge. Jacque finished at least 2, so when I know a final number I'll be sending her a little something for each of those. Thanks for joining me Jacque!
Moneik Quilts Sew Down


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Hey, Moneik!! What line is the pink sheep fabric from? I need some. =)

Jacque said...

This has been fun! Thanks for the challenge. I have two complete but am holding out hope that I'll finish one more tomorrow. But please, don't feel that you need to send me anything. I just enjoyed the challenge as a source of motivation! Nice job on your UFOs, too. :)

Jennifer said...

Well, even though you don't feel like you got much done, it sure looks like you did! I like the new fabric and my guess is that you're making a snapshots quilt (or the smaller version). I love that book too!