Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grab n Go Diaper Clutch

Tonight was awesome! I had one of my best teaching nights and the class for the most part went really well. There are always those to get far ahead and go back or skip around, which doesn't always work, but for the most part all the ladies finished their Grab n Go Diaper Clutches. Some will be used for that, while others were made as simple clutches/purses. Diane made this bright one.
Quilt 043

Olenka made this bears one. It was such a cute baby boy blue.
Quilt 044
Jessica made this super cute owl. It was similar to the one I made for Molly, but had different lining. She used a decorative stitch on her front.
Quilt 046
Iva used this floral print, intended for a girl. I'm impressed with how well the flap lines up, because I'm thinking she didn't plan it that way.
Quilt 047

Olenka and Heather after class with their clutches. Heather's is for her daughter, so she added some applique patches.
Quilt 049
Heather took my Schlep class last week and I love how her bag turned out. I need to rework the pattern a bit, so I picked these up to make another one. I just love her fabric choices. She said it's too big for her scouting bag, but great for quilting.
Quilt 050

She made a smaller one for a special girl. These are from her stash. She just started quilting/sewing in the last few weeks! She does an awesome job. Her mom and her both took the class last week and tonight.
Quilt 051

I came home and finished up my partially done sample. I had this one made in steps to show the process. It's a race cars fat quarter we picked up on our honeymoon paired with some other miscellaneous fabric. It's for a friends new baby.
Quilt 053

The lining and the changing pad don't quite go together, but I think they'll work okay.
Quilt 055
I'm so glad I finished this one up. It only took me a half hour to finish tonight when I got home. It's probably a 2 hour or less project, including cutting. It takes 3 fat quarters, fusible fleece, a bit of interfacing, a snap, d ri ngand swivel clasp. Such a cheap and easy gift, but will get lots of use.
I've had a busy night and it's time to catch some sleep.

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Sara said...

Such cute bags! It's always fun to see what fabric is chosen by different people in a class.