Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tablerunner Weekend!

This weekend was the Spring Sewing Party for the CG&GQC and I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday sewing with the girls. I was up early and started this tablerunner before work. It's the Club Sandwiches tablerunner from the Let's Do Lunch book by Atkinson Designs. It's a class I'll be teaching at TSC in March. The fabric is from the Wildflowers Line by Atkinson Designs. I finished it up after work.
Here's a close up of the center. The center squares were fussy cut.
Since I want to quilt the Club Sandwiches tablerunner after I've practiced on my new machine a bit, I set out to make another tablerunner. I pulled out the Objects of Desire leftovers and made this tablerunner Sat. night. I'll use it as practice for quilting. It's the 2nd one out of that line.
Today Paul had to do some work at FC, so I went along and cut out 4 tablerunners from the Essence line. All the tablerunners are out of the Anka's Treasures book On the Run. I hope to get them made later this week. I was shocked that it took me 3 hours to cut out the tablerunners, but they were all from a honeybun, layer cake, and dessert roll, so just needed to get them cut out and then I can quickly sew them up. I'm teaching the Sweet Escape tablerunner in April, so that one will get done first.
When we got home, I used more of the object of desire fabrics to make another tablerunner. This one is the most plain of the 3, but I'm sure someone will love it. After a bit of practice on my muslin, I had the tension set on my machine. I decided to practice a bit on this tablerunner. I want to do daisies, so I practiced. They aren't perfect, but I'm pleased that I'm stepping outside the box. I even got the binding on tonight, so I can finish it up tomorrow at work.
Here's a close up of one of my daisies.
And another daisy!
This is the back... if you didn't know, you'd think it's the front. The tension is awesome on this machine!
The three tablerunners I got made this weekend!


Cindy said...

Wow you're really moving right along. The table runners are great and your quilting with the new machine is wonderful.

Barb said...

Now that is alot of table runners and beautiful ones too!!

Anita in Florida said...

Your table runners are absolutely the best........great job on the quilting tooooo....I missed the Sewing Party, but am having fun seeing what you all did!

Cindy said...

Okay, Moneik, this just is NOT show us such beautiful tablerunners.

I LOVE have outdone yourself!!!!!

And the fabric lines you have chosen...oh my, you won't believe it but I have a little of each line. Infact, I have a couple things I want to make from Essence ASAP.

I sincerely LOVE what you have done.

Nichole said...

You were busy this weekend! The colors are just right for spring. I realized last night - I still have a few snowmen out around the house. Time to put them away and find my spring stuff.

Jen said...

ooooo I LOVE the wildflowers one! That's awesome! You fussy cut and everything!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the flower quilting....some day I hope to have a bunch of seasonal tablerunners done.....I have a long way to go!!!!

Sara said...

Love the Club Sandwich tablerunner. That Wildflowers fabric line is so pretty.

The shoe fabric is darling!