Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Valentine Tablerunner

Tuesday night has got to be one of the worst nights for TV shows. There is never anything on that we want to watch. We decided to rent The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. It was actually a pretty good movie and made the evening go quickly. I didn't even get down to my sewing studio! Paul helped me and we finished up making cream cheese mints last night for a baby shower I'm helping host on Saturday. He was a good helper, but he's definately not meant to be a cake decorator/mint former. He says his hands are too big. Needless to say I have blue/green hands today! I did get all kinds of booties, bottles, shamrocks, stars, and baby cradles made!
My best friend since I was born,Amy, is home (at her parents) from Michigan this week with her new baby boy. You may remember the Noah's Ark Baby quilt I made back in Sept/Oct for baby Jacob. This is the first time I'll get to meet him and it's the first time I'll see her since she was home for my wedding. I can't wait to see them on Sat. and spend the weekend at home with my family. I'm hoping to be able to gift the CRoyal quilt this weekend!
After the mint making episode, I pulled out my Valentine Tablerunner to work on while I finished watching the movie. Of the 160 hexi's made, I had only about 10 to finish basting. I got them all basted and then set to work sewing them together. It's definately an art I haven't mastered yet, but I'm working on it. So far I have 6 together.
I decided to lay them out as a heart and see how they look. I don't think I'm far enough to know if this would look okay or not. I'm really not sure what I'm doing when I'm sewing them together anyway, so I'll just slowly work my way through and learn as I go. I've been working on these for almost a month, so yes it's slow going, but it makes waiting a whole lot easier when you have something to keep your hands busy.


Michele said...

I thought it was just us that thought that about Tuesday nights! I think DH and DD wound up watching a rerun of Criminal Minds on Spike or some such channel last night!

Jen said...

It looks great. I'm so happy that you're addicted!