Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November Quilting Accomplishments

During November I kept my goals light so I could work on some other projects. I accomplished a lot on my goals, even if I didn't get them all completely finished. I was sick for about the first two weeks, so most of what I got done, was in the last 2 weeks of the month.

November Goals:
Crown Royal Quilt - Finish Top
One Block Wonder - Finish Top
Gobble Gobble Wall Hanging and Tablerunner - Quilt
Quilt Pink - Quilt
Label Baby Quilts

I got the Crown Royal blocks cut out with the help of my mom. I finished the top of the OBW and got it quilted, just have to put binding and a label on it now.
I finished quilting the Gobble Gobble Wall Hanging, Tablerunner, and made and quilted an additional Gobble Gobble wall hanging from the scraps, which all were bound and used in decorating in Nov.
I was able to quilt the Quilt Pink and get the binding on it. I have the handwork left on the binding and the label is made, but needs to be attached. I got all the baby quilts labeled and the first one was given away this weekend with other two to be given away this coming weekend.

In addition I was able to:
~ Quilt a Christmas Wall Hanging for a customer
~ Put Borders on a Baby Quilt for a customer
~ Embroidered names on the baby quilts and labels for each
~ Embroidered labels for the quilts I'm giving as gifts
~ Embroidered my dad's jacket
~ Embroidered three baby books for Christmas gifts
~ Cut and pieced my Christmas wall hanging
~ Taught my beginning machine quilting class
~ Spend 2 partial weekends at my parents while Paul was hunting

My goals for December are lofty as I took on a lot of Christmas gifts I want to make. We'll see how many I get made! At the top of the list are the two customer quilts I'm making, each baby quilts which both need to be quilted, binding on, and labeled.

In order of priority my December goals:
Baby Quilts - 2 - Finish
Cloth Books - 3 - Finish
One Block Wonder - Bind & Label
Quilt Pink - Bind & Label
Crown Royal Quilt - Finish Top, Quilt, Bind, Label
Crazy Eights Wall Hanging - Quilt, Bind
Crazy Eights Tablerunner - Piece, Quilt, Bind
Figgy Pudding Quilt - Piece, Quilt, Bind
Jenn's Wall Hanging - Quilt

Happy Quilting in December! 100 Blocks in 100 Days ends December 22nd, any guesses on how many blocks I'll have made? I have a target goal I think I can reach and a far out goal that Jen and I set, but I don't think I'll be able to reach. The follower who correctly guesses the closest number to my actual blocks made number will receive a nice gift in the new year!

100 Blocks 100 Days ~ 221 Blocks/ Day 79


Colleen said...

I'm in the same boat as you for December- want to make a lot of things as gifts. Hopefully we'll both be able to get them done. I think you'll end with about 350 blocks.

Jen said...

I soooo stopped counting. I suck!!

Jennifer said...

Ditto what Colleen said - I have several things to finish up and just decided over the weekend to make a couple things for daycare teachers/rooms too! Good luck getting it all done in time! I am going to guess that you'll wind up at 307!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow congrats on the 100 blocks goal.. I think I was up to 25 or something but worked on other projects instead.