Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Quilting Accomplishments

December was a very productive month for me! I was able to finish up most of my projects for which I am very greatful.
My goals for December included:
~ 2 Baby Quilts - DONE!
~3 Cloth Books - DONE!
~Crazy Eights Wall Hanging - DONE! & Tablerunner - Top DONE!
~Crown Royal Quilt - Almost DONE! - Should be quilted this afternoon.
~Figgy Pudding Quilt - DONE!
~Jenn's Wall Hanging
~One Block Wonder - DONE!
~Quilt Pink - DONE!

The only thing I didn't work on was Jenn's wall hanging, but she's not in a hurry for it, so I want to take my time and do a good job on it. The rest of the list makes me feel phenomenal to have gotten so much done. My guess is I'll hit 100 hours of quilting this afternoon. It's such a rush to hit 100 hours this month.

I completed the 100 Blocks in 100 Days, with a total of 300 blocks made. I think I was the sole survivor in counting. Jennifer guessed I would have 307, so she was the closest. I'll get something made and send it out to her in the new year as time permits.

My goals for January include a lap size boots quilt and a runaround bag from the Fast & Furious Book, both samples for the new store. Looking at my UFO list, I'm hoping to get a few more things taken off the list. I'll probably only finish a few things in Jan. but I'll just enjoy the next year and what gets done, gets done.

January Goals
Western Boots Quilt
Run-around Bag
Jenn's Wall Hanging


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Nice! My lists are going to start looking like this!

Jennifer said...

Wow - 100 hours in a month is impressive! Congrats on the 300 blocks - that is quite an accomplishment!