Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peeps Retreat Day 2 - Thursday Morning

Thursday we all woke up at Jill's around 8. I felt like I was sleeping in, even though it was about the time I usually get up because of the time change. We got ready and a little after 10 we were met by Jennifer N. from Indiana. She had a mini-van, so Jill, Sherry, Cindy, Jen B, and I piled in and we converged on the Ohio quilt shops. Our first stop was Stitches.
I found a great turquoise and brown batik quilt made from the Wonder Blocks book that I loved. I bought fat quarters to make it when I got home. We took pictures with the squirrel out front which was so darn cute.
cindy quilt retreat 099
Jen B, Me, Jen N, and Jill with the Squirrel
We have Buffalo that are painted like this, but they are life size.
Then we headed over to Aunt Ruth's. I found several panels I didn't want to pass up, and I found a few fat quarters and a cute pattern for a farm baby quilt there.
I loved the signs they had outside and in the windows: (Don't let Angry White Woman know I took her picture =))
This was in the window and so cool.
We headed over to Sew Easy. Mind you I have no clue where these are in relation to one another I was just along for the ride. It was a super cute Janome Dealer and they had lots of machines my dealer no longer carries. They also had tons of Pursi nalities patterns which I adored! I also found the Kim Schaefer panel I had been wanting.
Time for the afternoon trip to Fabric Shack and to meet Regina A!...

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Jen said...

Ohhhh, that's right I need to take pics of the Kim Schafer fabrics that we have and get you the Rosie RWB stripe.