Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Professional Tote

A couple weeks ago I was sewing with my chicas from work and one of the ladies Kathy is going on a trip this week to Germany. She had taken a class and made the Professional Tote to take on her trip. She offered to teach us all how to make them, but I wanted mine before I left on my trip. I loved hers and really wanted to make one for myself. I got the pattern and thought I'd just "whip it up". This is not a quick pattern!! I started a week ago on Tues. I did 3 hours of cutting that night, another hour of cutting interfacing on Wed. night and 2 hours of pressing interfacing to the pieces. Saturday night I spent 3 hours putting the front and back pieces together. Sunday I spent 6 hours sewing the lining, all the pockets and getting it together. I had bought the wrong cord and it was just too flimsy, so last night I bought new cord, took the top apart, re-did the cords on the sides, put it back together and then finished the top casing with the zipper. Two more hours! I have between 15-20 hours of time in this bag, but it was so worth it! It's awesome.
This is the front:
The back with travel strap: There is a pocket on the back with a magnetic snap, two side pockets with insulbrite in them (my own add on) to keep water bottles cold, and two pockets on the front, the zippered one, and the one above it.
This is the inside, key holder, 6 pockets, one with zipper. I also added a board to the bottom for support and the center pocket is thus not attached to the bottom seam like it is supposed to be.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I can't wait to pack it tonight with lots of surprises for my peeps and fun things to do along the way. I'm off to retreat tomorrow morning!


Jen said...

Wow did that ever turn out awesome. I can't wait to paw through it. Great job moneik!!

Bethany said...

Wow..love that bag. You have me wanting one now.

jillquilts said...

dang! I wish I had gotten a closer look!