Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peeps Retreat Day 1 - Wednesday

My first peeps retreat was awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. I woke up at 3AM on Wed. April 22nd as I couldn't sleep. I hopped out of bed around 3:30 and by 4:15 I was ready to hit the road, just had to wait for Paul. We left for the airport around 4:30. I got checked in, through security and read through some paperwork while I was waiting. Somehow I lost my MP3 player in the process, so I was really bummed.
My flight left at 6:40AM and I had the pleasure of Judy's company (a fellow quilter). We arrived in Minneapolis and went our seperate ways. I waited till noon to leave and they had over sold the flight by 4 people, so needed some people to volunteer to stay behind. I made a quick call to Jill and she said go for it. So I waited for the plane to board and received a new ticket and a voucher for $300 toward another flight. Wahoo! I can go visit friends again. I took my time getting to the other side of the airport as I had three hours to waste. I read quite a bit and the time passed quickly. My flight to Cincinatti left at 4PM and I got in to Cinci at 7PM. Jill told me she was about 20 min. out, so I was finding my way to the terminal... only to realize there were 3! It was a huge airport. As I go up the escalators I see all these people with signs, until I glance at 1 and see it says my name and Peeps Retreat and had a cute purple Peep on it. Jill was on time and even had a sign. It was super cute. We made our way to her car and headed back to OH. It was like girlfriends seeing each other after a long hiatus. We chatted the whole time. We stopped at Old Spaghetti Factory for supper and it was awesome. Then on to Jill's house. We worked on putting borders on a quilt for Linda and hid Jen's quilt! Jen, Cindy, and Sherry arrived around 11 and we all visited and got to know each other. It was so much fun and we finally made our way to bed about 1:30AM! I was a long day, but so exciting to finally meet some of my blogging friends.
Day 2...

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Jen said...

I'm getting all excited about retreat again by reading your post!! I hope to get some of mine written tonight!