Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ruler Rack and lots of rulers!

Today Jen and I were discussing rulers to take to retreat. I told her my most used one is a 6x12 and hers is the 4x12, neither of us own the one the other loves to use. I cleaned my ruler rack off tonight and made a list of the rulers I have. I know I'm still missing a few, but I have the ones I use most. One year I asked for several rulers for Christmas... I got 12! My little brother Ed gave me the ruler rack two years ago and I absolutely love it.
Rulers 001
My rulers include:
4x36 lip
6x12 - 3
15 sq
12.5 sq
9.5 sq
8.5 sq
6.5 square - 2

6 sq
4.5 sq
4 sq
3.5 sq
2.5 sq
60 degree corner cuts
12 Add a quarter
6 Add a quarter
6 Add an Eighth
F&P Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler 12" block Triangle
Strip Tube Ruler 9.5 Triangle
60 degree 8.5 Triangle
45 degree 6 Triangle

I also included my Gypsy grippers which are fairly new. I haven't gotten the middle size yet, but someday I will get it too.
Rulers 004
I layed them out on my rotary cutting mat. My standard size mat is a 24x36, which I have on a board of the same size. I have the first mat I owned, a Fiskers 18x24, which is a bit warped and only used for paper, an omnigrid 18x24, which I use for classes, a 12x18, and a 12 sq rotating mat. I also have the omnigrid mat/pressing combos in size 12x18 which I use for classes, the 8x11 and the 6 sq which are my paper piecing mats.

My two absolutely favorie rulers are the 8x14 which is new and the 6x12 which I have 3 of and use most of the time. These are the most used ones and I have already worn my first 6x12 out.
Rulers 006
Thinking I could use this triangle for a strip club pattern, I bought it, but it didn't work the way I wanted, so it's hardly ever used. I'm wondering if anyone else uses it? It looks like I might be able to use it to get the corners right on my star block. Why did I buy a ruler for HST's?? I'm still wondering that!
Rulers 007
I have the strip club ruler too and I have a project I would like to make with it in the future. It's more an idea in my head and we'll see if it ever develops.
Rulers 008
The 60 degree ruler is one of my newer ones and also one of my favorites. I love using it to make the border tablerunners.
Rulers 009
So I'm trying to think of what new rulers I would like to get. I would love a 6.5x24, a 4x12, 7x14, and 20 sq. I'm also going to get a new 24x36 rotary cutting mat. Mine is about warn out since I use it all the time. The green is starting to come off with the rotary cutter. Those will have to be another post. I still have my first one, but there have also been many in between.

So what's your favorite size of cutting mat and ruler? What do you usually use?


QuiltingB29 said...

My favorite cutting mat is an 18 X 24 - I also have a larger one (24 X 36) and a smaller one (12 X 18 ??). My favorite ruler is my 24 X 6.5" - but I need a new one at some point, I managed to put a crack in it. However I can't find any anywhere. It seems like everything these days is just 6" wide, not 6.5". I also use my 6.5" square quite a bit.

Carol said...

I have two rulers, 61/2" square and 6x24. I might invest in a 12" since that is the size of my cutting mat.

Jennifer said...

I love my little 4x8 ruler and the small cutting mat (5x7 or something like that). I use them tons to trim while I am piecing and use them all the time when paper piecing small blocks.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I'm a little jealous - but I have no space to keep that many rulers! My mat is 18x24 and my fav ruler is 6.5x24 :)

Jen said...

you hands down have more rulers than I do!!!

Jen said...

you hands down have more rulers than I do!!!