Monday, March 02, 2009

February Quilting Accomplishments

I feel like I got a lot accomplished in February, even though I only got 56 hours of quilting time in during the month. I worked on all but one of my goals, and only 2 didn't get finished. I have figured out what I'm doing for the Pay it Forward gifts, so I at least have a plan for them now. I also worked on Paul's Deer quilt and got a few rows of it done.
Here are my goals and what I accomplished:
Quilt block Sample - DONE!
Go Green Bag - Quilting Themed - DONE!
SampleSchlep Bag - Sample DONE!
Pay it Forward Gifts
Star Quilt - Class using purple/teal/aqua/lavendar - DONE!
Paul's Deer Quilt - Cut Out with two rows done

In addition, I was able to get three other projects finished.
Burp Cloth to go with Baby Boy Quilt
Construction Baby Quilt
Mini Miranda

Since I'm not sure how much I'll get done in March, I'm going to keep my goals very light and see what I get finished.

Paul's Deer Quilt
Backing for Loralie quilt
Moda bag
Pay it forward gifts
Buy and cut kits for retreat

Other projects to be done:
Family of Wolves Applique Wall Hanging
Paul's Wolf Wall Hanging - All pieces are SAS'ed
Make Crown Royal Quilts
Courier Bag

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