Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy Birthday from Jen!

Last week Jen sent me the most awesome birthday gifts. I was so excited for the box to be coming that I had my hubby check the mail. When I got home from work, he said it hadn't arrived. I figured it would be here on Fri. then. During supper he pulls out the box from the closet and gives it to me. It was just like Christmas morning opening my gift.
Jen sent me a Stitchin Chicks bag, a block roll up, a potato bag, needle holder, and scissor lanyard. I've already used the scissor lanyard several times and just have to remember not to pull on it when I'm cutting, since I'm used to a pulling clip. There were needles in the case and I've used both the machine and hand needles. I took my gifts to class on Sat. and the girls just loved them. Since the fabric is one we don't have at the store, everyone was digging it. Thank you so much Jen! I love it all!
Birthday Presents 002

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Jen said...

I'm so glad you love it all! Did u know the stitchin chix bag is rated to hold 22 yards of fabric!? Does it get better than that? I'm glad u didn't have that fabric. I don't know if you remember I asked u one day and you thought u did have it. I was soooo bummed out!