Thursday, August 04, 2011

Steadily Sewing

This week I've actually gotten quite a bit of sewing done. I made this cute little ribbon blanket for Mikaela Sun/Mon. nights. I love how it turned out, but it just made me mad making it. I bought it back in April on the shop hop I went on. I bought it more for the pattern than anything, since I have some minkee charm squares I wanted to make something out of. I opened the kit only to realize the pattern was a FREE Moda Bake Shop pattern. I was a bit irrate, since I paid a lot for the kit and they made it look like the only way to get the pattern was to buy the kit and that it was their pattern. I won't be going back to that shop any time soon.
Quilt 007
I had the note book cover pattern for a small notepad and decided to use my leftover Maxine fabric to make one. I think I bought the pattern in MN two years when Jen and I were in a shop. Jen got kicked out of the shop and we still laugh about what a rip the owner is. Anyway I made it up for the most part like the pattern said. Monday night I made up 2 of them.
Quilt 009
Only I had to add some decorative stitching and top stitching to it.
Quilt 010
Then I made another, this time using decorbond instead of steam a seam and topstitched again. I think this was a little too much, but the other one is so flimsy. I think one less layer of decor bond or eliminating the batting would have helped.
Quilt 011

But I'm just not one to follow a pattern. Jen and I have that in common. We use the pattern as a guide and really do whatever we want with the knowledge we already have.
Quilt 012
Tonight I made up a Runaround bag out of this cute wine fabric. I'm going to Quilts and Vines in a week and wanted a new purse for it.
Quilt 014

I also made a wonder wallet.
Quilt 015

I made some insulated wine bottle holders for the wine I plan to bring back. Again I changed the pattern to include insulbrite.
Quilt 020

Last night I was having a hard time as it would have been my mom's 55th birthday. I just couldn't get in the groove to sew, but did make this bapron - baby apron. I think it's cute, but it doesn't quite fit Mikaela right. I need to make some tweaks.
Quilt 024

Tonight I also made this changing pad to go with my Grab n Go diaper clutch. I love how it turned out and luckily mom had the perfect vinyl type material.
Quilt 026


Sara said...

I am blown away by how much you get done! Very cute wine themed items.

LuAnn said...

The little ribbon blanket is cute. Another place to look for those patterns is on the Fat Quarter Shop site. Click like you are going to buy but there is a link for a free download. My LQS was selling the Flurry pattern with the packages for $6, and I could download it for free.