Monday, August 22, 2011

Mikaela is 30 Weeks

Mikaela turned 30 weeks old on August 17th. We had a busy weekend and spent time with Daddy fishing at the lake. We went to Custer State Park and Mikaela and I hung out while Daddy caught a few fish. We tried several spots, but didn't get any keepers. Mikaela was sporting her sunglasses and a hat Aunt Jane made her.
She's teething, so she's doing a lot of gumming her lips.

Mikaela 105 - Copy

She loves bottles, especially pop and water bottles.
Mikaela 107
The weather was beautiful!
Mikaela 108

She's all full of gummy smiles.
Mikaela 111
She loves her little purple hat from Angie. She will actually keep it on more than any other hat.
Mikaela 119
She's getting good at putting her pacifier back in if it falls out.
Mikaela 120

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