Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun Mail, Special Gift, and Friendship Block Swap

Last night Paul gave me two packages from the pickup he had forgotten to bring in. I was so excited when I saw the first address. It was from Becky in VA. She had a drawing for a kit if someone wanted to take it off her hands. It's this Autumn Visitors and she cut wrong and just didn't want to deal with it, so I said I'd take it. I knew Paul would love it and he did. He thought I should start working on it last night!
Quilt 055
While I was in my sewing studio for a bit last night. I took pictures of the blocks I've received for the Friendship block swap. Gaila made this block. I just love the little black/purple dots.
Quilt 058
Jen made me this one.
Quilt 060
Jacque made me this one.
Quilt 061
They look awesome together and I can't wait to receive the rest. Since I know I won't have enough for a whole quilt, I'd like to have other friends make me blocks to go in my friendship quilt. I know I have a lot of readers/followers and I would love to have you all send me a block. Please comment or send me an email if you'd be willing to send me a block for my friendship quilt. The block is easy and I'm having it done in a black with 3 purple batiks.
Quilt 063
The other package was from my college roommate Angie. She lives in MN and came out for mom's funeral with our other roommate Nichole. It's a beautiful framed cross stitch picture in memory of my mom. I just love it and can't believe how much it makes me think of mom. She would be so proud. Mom did a lot of cross stitch. It's been 6 months today since mom's been gone, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her and remember all the wonderful time we spent together. I miss her so much, but know that she is watching over me. This weekend Mikaela and I are going to the Quilts and Vines Outdoor Quilt Show near Sioux Falls with Nichole. It's a show mom and I went to several years and just loved attending. I can't wait to go and hopefully meet up with my blogging friend Sara. If you're gonna be there let me know and maybe we can get together too. Hopefully I'll take lots of pictures and be able to show you this truly remarkable show next week some time.
Quilt 065

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Judy said...


I will attempt a block for you, the ones you have are very pretty! Let me know all the info. though...
He will love the deer quilt, it goes together beautifully. My sister made one like it and then I made, but substituted a different panel piece.