Friday, August 26, 2011

Mikaela is 31 Weeks

Mikaela turned 31 Weeks old on the 24th of August. She had her first sleepover on the 23rd when she stayed with my Aunt who was camping. She had lots of fun and did really well. Aunt Jane made her this hat which is so cute, but she doesn't want to keep on! I'm gonna have to put some elastic on it, so she can keep it on. She was quicker than me as I tried to take her picture with it on.

Mikaela 125
But if I occupied her, I got a minute to take a picture before she realized I had put it on her.
Mikaela 130
Her little outfit is a 12 month summer so I put it on her, she's just the right size for it! It wouldn't fit next summer.

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