Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mikaela is 29 Weeks Old

Mikaela turned 29 weeks old yesterday. She was all full of smiles and playing on her blanket from her great-grandma Elaine. It's a blanket she had made and after she passed my Aunt Jane kept it and gave it to me for Mikaela. Mikaela was in to chewing her thumb last night, even though she had several teething toys around. She was able to fall over from a sitting position, roll over, and pick herself back up to a sitting position.
Mikaela 052
See those cute little teeth? She's in a dress Aunt Jane gave her for Easter.
Mikaela 054
We visited Aunt Jane last night and Cocoa wanted to play too. Luckily they both play well together.
Mikaela 057
Mikaela was laughing a lot with Cocoa around.
Mikaela 059

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