Monday, August 08, 2011

Weekend Sewing

This weekend I didn't get much quilting time in, since we did errands Sat. and I cleaned and rearranged Mikaela's room on Sun. After everyone went to bed Sun. night I quilted the baby quilt for Pat. I believe it's for her new granddaughter. She just loved the fabric I used for the last two baby quilts, so I picked up a couple fat quarters and made another one. I have enough left to make one, maybe two baby quilts more. They are so quick and easy and yes they do get boring, but I love to do the quilting on them. Piecing does get a bit boring to me, so I try to do it with friends or when I'm not home, so I can quilt at home.
Quilt 043

Here's an up close of the quilting. I used a King Tut verigated.
Quilt 045
Sat. afternoon everyone except Mikaela and I took naps, so we went down to my studio. I loaded this wall hanging on the frame and got it quilted. I love how it turned out, though I could see later that maybe I should have used a cream verigated. Though this fabric is actually more of a yellow, so the cream looked too white on it. I fell in love with this block on several blogs and just love how it turned out. I used my Buggy Barn scraps from a few years ago. I am not a HST fan, but I did this one with Thangles and they turned out pretty well. I must be procrastinating, since this was so not on my radar of projects to do, but it just came together quickly.
Quilt 047

I quilted loops.
Quilt 052

The loops really stand out on the creamy yellow.
Quilt 053
We were able to get the binding on this on Sun. Sat. night we went to Sheridan Lake and night fished with Paul. Let me rephrase that... Mikaela and I ate and watched while Paul fished. After Mikaela went to bed, I read and tried to do some hexi's, but it was too dark and we were on a floating dock... not the easiest to do. I finally ended up watching, but night fishing is NOT a spectator sport. I got really bored really fast.

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