Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tree Skirt and Tablerunner

I'm being so productive in the evenings! It feels great. Last night I stopped at FC and picked up the two pieces of fabric I needed to make the contrast points. I had made them a 1/2" too small and couldn't figure it out until I measured. Once I remade them all, it went together really easy. I had also cut the center triangels too big, but that was easy enough to fix. This thing is huge! I'm going to have to quilt it and then cut the center out for the tree skirt part. It felt like such an accomplishment to get this finished after all the set backs I had with it. The little tabletoppers were so easy, so I'm not sure why I had troubles with this one.  This is the same Atkinson Designs pattern I used to make the Halloween table toppers.
It was still early so I layed out the blocks I had made Sat. night and figured out the layout for the Essence Baby Bricks tablerunner. I had way more than the pattern called for, so I just made it a row wider. I have to figure out borders and then I can put it together.
I'm not sure what I'll work on tonight. I'll have to see what kind of mood I'm in when I get home. I have 3 or 4 projects that could be quilted, but some times I don't feel like setting up the frame and loading it. I have lots of projects to get done, so I'm sure I'll be sewing or quilting something tonight!


Jennifer said...

You have so much energy in the evenings! You're making great progress and the tree skirt looks great.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Even with all the trials, the tree skirt looks awesome! Love those other blocks too! Glad you're feeling so good.