Monday, October 18, 2010

Aunt Vi's Double Knit Quilt

Last week I was bound and determined to finish Aunt Vi's Double Knit quilt. I made the backing and loaded the quilt on Tues. night. I got about 3 passes done when I realized the last pass had bad tension, so I took it out. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I left it. It was a case of after 10 PM and tired does not make a quilter think straight!  Wed. night I figured out that it just needed to be rethreaded and did a few more passes. I figured if I did about 4 passes a night I could finish in a week. If you haven't worked with Double Knit, it's not fun! It stretches various ways and shifts horribly. But I was determined! Thurs. night I started to do a couple passes and when I was just ready to quit, I realized I only had 2 -3 passes left, so I finished it up and took it off the frame!
I used a blue varigated Robinson Anton thread in both the top and bobbin which worked really well. It turned out awesome, although I went through 10 bobbins! I couldn't get quite 2 passes per bobbin. I realized I should have used bottomline, but oh well, live and learn. I still have a huge cone of the stuff to get rid of.

IMG_0003 (2)
IMG_0004 (2)
It was such a rush to finish the quilt that I trimmed it up and packed it up to go to my parents this weekend. Mom and I cut out the binding and I put it on at her house. I still have to sew it to the top, but it will only take me a half hour or so to do that tonight. I'm so glad to have this one finished. Mom is working on a second and third top, so I'm not done by any means, but the next one I think I'm going to just quilt wavy lines through the 9 patch blocks.
It was such a good weekend! The Grand Opening of Fabric City was held on Fri/Sat. There was a Pattern Party by Karri of Blank Quilting and I learned some cool new ideas to use with the 60* ruler. Saturday we had a parade and demos. The crowd was huge and everyone was having a great time. The sale was awesome and I think everyone enjoyed taking home a few new items. It was a fun day!
Sat. night Paul and I went to my parents. I had taken 3 projects I needed mom's big cutting table for. Sat. night I cut out a baby blanket and got it pinned. I hope to get it sewn up in the next few days and then I can show you what we'll be having. I also cut and bound Vi's quilt Sat. night. Sunday, with the "help" of my niece, my mom helped me stack the Cowgirl fabric for a One Block Wonder quilt. I'm so looking forward to starting it. I ended up having to bring about 3 rows home that still need to be cut into triangles, but they are pinned well! It took me about 2 hours to press and cut it out.
Paul and my dad went hunting Sun. morning and got a grouse and several prairie dogs, so Paul was happy, but his shot gun broke, so he'll have to get a new one. He borrowed a gun from my brother and went hunting with my bro and SIL  mid morning and again after lunch for pheasants. It was opening weekend, but they didn't have much luck.
We got back last night in time for me to finish my paper and get it submitted for my class. Paul got packed up and is gone for another week now. I have class 2 nights and a fun sewing night with my friend Jenn scheduled! I'm so looking forward to sewing with her.


Suzan said...

Congrats on getting the Double Knit quilt finished. I have a quilt top made from undetermined fabrics and it is string pieced. It was made by my former husband's grandmother. He had no attachment to it so it became mine. I would really like to quilt it but have no idea how. Some of the stitching is loose. Some of the fabrics look like silk, some like rayon from dresses back in the 40's and some look like they may be cotton or even a cotton/poly blend. I think that is why I have put off quilting it for so long!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Hurry with getting that quilt pinned so we can "be in the know"!!! Love the quilting on that quilt, too!

Melinda Cornish said...

it is always a great day when you get a quilt finished! good for you.....