Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom's New Purse

This year I decided to make my parents bags for their anniversary. My dad got the pheasant bag and a ladies bathroom bag. My mom wanted a purse with a zipper. I've had the fabric for a while, but just hadn't gotten around to making it. I cut it out and started Sat. night, but was too busy texting and talking on the phone to get much done. Sunday, when I finally got to my studio, I was able to get it made. I think it turned out really cute and will make a nice fall purse.
This is the front with pockets.
I decided not to put pockets on the back like mine has, because it becomes easy to loose stuff in the pockets.
I also had enough to cut out the checkbook cover which I got made Sun. too. I have enough fabric to make a wonder wallet, but I ran out of steam Sun. night. Last night I had my graduate class and after it was over I couldn't move. I was exhausted! I decided to try hand sewing, which I only got about half of one side done on a baby quilt, before calling it a night. Hopefully tonight will be a bit more productive!

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Sara said...

Love the purse. And I recognized that fabric with the blue/green splotches that I used in one of my projects. Very eye catching!