Friday, October 29, 2010

Our First Baby Gift!

Paul and I registered at Target on Saturday as we're having a couple showers in the next few months and Paul will be gone almost all of Nov. due to work/hunting. As soon as I told Jen she went online and ordered a gift for us. She made me promise that I would open it as soon as it came and not wait for any showers. So without further ado.... the opening of the gift.
First let me say the box was heavy. It was sitting on our steps and took up the whole top step. I scooted it into the living room to open it. I think I could hide my niece in this box it's so huge.
It was wrapped in a cool reusable fabric gift bag.
As I pulled it out, the card was attached to the drawstrings.
The card from the Jen's! Oh I'm so excited to open it now.
It's a pack 'n play! I was so excited to get this as it has the bassinet part and we're planning to use it that way for the first couple months until we get the crib.
Thank you so much to the Jen's for this awesome gift! We can't wait to use it. Paul will be hauling it upstairs though! It's dang heavy and awkward to carry.

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Jen said...

What can we say, we love you guys!!! I'm glad you like it!!