Friday, October 29, 2010

Aunt Vi's Double Knit Quilt Tops Done!

Mom has been busy working on the 9 patches for Aunt Vi's second quilt for the past few weeks while I was quilting the first one. We got together at my house on Wed. night and layed them out and started sewing them together. When it got to a point where only one person could sew the seams together, mom took out the leftover blocks. We had enough 12" blocks to put with some 4 patches to make a smaller throw quilt. While I sewed the 9 patch together, mom made 4 patches. We layed them out and we started sewing it into a throw. When it got to the main seams, she sewed them together and I finished the big seams on the 9 patch. By the end of the evening I had the 9 patch together and she had 3 row seams to sew together. She completed them yesterday, so both are ready to be quilted! We are getting so close to being done with this project. I have the backing and binding for the throw, so I can get started on it this weekend. We'll have to get the backing next week sometime for the 9 patch. It's about 90x108.
I took a few pictures of the 9 patch, but it was kind of hard, since it's so big.
This one is where I threw it over my frame.

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