Monday, March 29, 2010

Great-Grandma's Quilts

Quilting runs deep in my family, on both sides. My dad's great grandma made quilts, his grandma made quilts, and even a step-great grandma made quilts. A couple weeks ago my cousins, brother & sis-in-law, and my mom cleaned out the upstairs at my grandma's house. My brother rescued two boxes of quilts. The first box contained a couple quilt tops that my dad's great-grandma had made. They are the most worn and I didn't get pictures.
It also contained this crazy quilt made out of wools and polyester knits. It's really heavy! The "batting" was a checkered blanket as you can see the black/white check in the light spots of the quilt. We found another top just like it, but it's not finished. It needs binding.
IMG_0001 IMG_0002
Then we found a quilt his grandma made with butterflies. His grandma was known for making these butterfly quilts. They were all pieced by hand and then later sewn with a diagonal quilting line on the machine. My dad and his brothers each got one when they got married. My dad waited so long to get married, she made him one, then when he got married, she made him another. We also found a set of butterfly blocks that were completely made, just need to be made into a quilt.
IMG_0004 IMG_0003
This was another quilt that was hand pieced and then machine quilted on the diagonal.
IMG_0006 IMG_0005
This quilt was marked log cabin, but it's obviously not. It's more of a rail fence. It was made by my dad's step great grandma.
IMG_0007 IMG_0008
This one was also made by my dad's great grandma. It's all hand pieced and machine quilted. We have one similar made to it, that looks like poinsettia's and we consider it a Christmas quilt. They are made with the same green fabric.
This one is an Irish chain made by dad's great grandma.
The next couple are just tops, but are all hand pieced. It looks to me like great grandma pieced them all by hand and was starting to quilt them all by machine, but just never got these done. If I was to finish them, I'd probably just do a plain white straight stitch on the diagonal across them all.
This one is also hand pieced and needs to be quilted.

The same goes for this one, although it's got a lot more open area. They used a lot of green and aqua colored fabrics for the borders in many of the quilts.
We're not sure what we'll do with the quilts, but I'm just excited they were saved from going to the dump. They are so intricate and the hand piecing so amazing, that I'm just enamored by them! Since I didn't do any quilting this weekend, this was as close as I came.


Cindy said...

Oh my word, Moneik, how cool to have these.

No one, not one single solitary person on either side of our family ever quilted.

Guess that means I've started what will hopefully be continued....yeah, right.

Barb said...

Yeah, I'm the first in my family to be a quilter. I had a great aunt who crocheted but a lot of it got "lost" after my mom died. Those are truly treasures.

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a great collection from your family. I hope you enjoy working on them!

Cindy said...

What great finds. Those are some wonderful treasures and now they are in good hands again.

Jen said...

I'm still totally blown away by this collection. This is the coolest find ever!!!!