Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Sewing

We spent the evening at home tonight, so I had time to catch up on a few random projects. I put a label on the pink snowball quilt, put the appliques on the vinyl bags, and sewed up one of the fabric bowls that was cut out. I'll have to do the hand work on the label, but it should be ready to mail on Monday. I need to pick up zippers for the bags before I can finish them. Mom had 3 cut out fabric bowls that just needed to be sewn up. This is the first one I made. It takes so long to satin stitch, that I get bored, so I figured getting one done was better than nothing.
This is the bottom side of the bowl so it's reversible.
I could have worked on the Wolf applique, but it needs a lot of detailed cutting. I just wasn't feeling like concentrating that hard tonight, so I cut out the 5 yard quilt kit I bought back in Sept. I got it completely cut out and I got the first step of block 1 done. I have all 18 done this far, so hopefully this weekend I can get the rest of the blocks done. I feel like I got a lot done for a Friday night.


Jennifer said...

Cute bowl! I know what you mean about the satin stitching. It takes a long time, but they look so cute when they are done!

Cindy said...

OH my word, what a fun bowl. I haven't made one in SO long. I'd probably take a long time to do one because my brain would have to "rethink" how I used to do them. LOL

Barb said...

I just love this bowl. I haven't made one in forever but I'm thinking I just may need a Flamingo bowl for my bathroom!