Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tablerunners have been received!

I finally finished the tablerunners for my co-workers and gifted them, so I can share pictures. I made a total of 8 since that was the amount of fabric I had. There is no pattern, just my imagination and a 60* ruler. Depending on how you cut them out, they all turn out a bit different. Border prints or prints with stripes work great as this one did. The wider strip you have, the bigger the tablerunner. If you use just 60* cuts, you get a tabletopper.
I've included close ups of these 4. I gave them to the four ladies I work with in the registrar's office.
I also gave one each to my walking/break friends. We work for the same university, all in Academics, but in different department. The three of us walk every morning/afternoon break and if it's too cold, sit in the break room and have hot chocolate.
I also gave a long wide one to my secret santa at the quilt shop. She really liked it. It's fun to give quilts to quilters. They really appreciate the work that went in to it.
This long narrow one fits perfectly on our mantel.
Last night I picked up the sky batik I needed for my dad's gift. I started working on it the other night and Paul told me what I had picked out looked like fog with frost, so I picked out a new one last night. We did a couple hours worth of Christmas shopping last night. We are all done now except for the three gifts we are making and they don't have to be done until New Years Eve. I finished wrapping all the gifts after we got home. I then worked on dad's gift. It's coming along well. I just have to clean up my mess. I've got all my batiks spread out trying to do an applique piece and it's a mess. Tonight we plan to work on my little bro's gift. We want to give it to him on Christmas day, so it doesn't have to be transported to my parents. Paul is doing all the hard work, but I think it will turn out really special. I'll try to get a picture when it's done. Today is my last day of work until Fri. I'm running the office then, so have to be here, but it'll be a nice two day break! My only two days off all month. I'm hoping to get at least a bit of sewing time in. I have a new quilt calling my name!


Three Birds Inspired said...

Very pretty and a good use of fabric! I have done something similar with 2 coordinating prints alternating center panels. Fast, easy and they quilt up like a dream because there are so few seams.

Babs said...

Love your runners! Great ideas!

Vickie E said...

Those are great gifts..I think I may add something like that to my next years Christmas handmades...