Monday, December 01, 2008

November Quilting Accomplishments!

This month seemed to just fly by and I realized early on I wasn't getting as much quilting done as I had planned. I did finish a few quilts, so it wasn't a wasted month either.

Here's my goals list I started at the beginning of the month.
- Paul's Wolf Wall Hanging - Didn't touch it
- Finish backing for Happy Hour, Quilt and Bind - DONE!
- Pheasant Wall Hanging - Didn't touch it
- Two Deer Head Pillows - Appliques are done, ready to be quilted
- Courier Bag Class - Postponed to Jan.
- Crazy Eights Table Topper Class - Stratas done
- Aunt Eva's Quilt w/MIL - Bought backing
- Two or Three Crown Royal Quilts - Got out the bags
- Bounce Ball - Didn't make any progress
- PJ Pants for Little Bro - Made a pair for Ed, Shorts for Dad and Paul
- Mom and Me Loralie Design Quilts - Snow storm detoured plans!

We had our first Blizzard - two days off from work.
PJ day at work.
I designed, quilted, and kitted my first pattern Cafe Bistro.
Kitted my Bistro Apron pattern.
Celebrated Hunter's Widow weekend with mom and D - sewing in a hotel suite!
Took the Crazy Eights Class.
Blower motor went out with lots of smoke.
Paul bought me roses!

My December Goals are going to be scaled back...
Two Crown Royal Quilts
Two Deer Head pillows
Pheasant Wall Hanging
Java Bistro Quilt
Hunter Wall Hanging
Mini Miranda Bag

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