Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Blizzard!

We're in our second blizzard warning of the season. We'd heard it was supposed to be bad starting Sat. night and into Sun., so I was expecting it, but I still don't feel safe until I'm home. Thursday night I rode with the other girls out to Horse Creek Inn for our work Christmas party. It was an amazing Prime Rib supper and I haven't had better in years. We played a fat-quarter game and gave our boss gifts and she gave us gift-certificates to the store, which I'll definately be enjoying!
Friday I finally got to move into my new office with a window. I've been waiting since before Thanksgiving, so we did a three room shuffle and got everyone in place. I'm looking forward to taking my plants, quilts, and other pictures to hang in my office.
Last night we decided to stay home (we usually go out for supper on Fri. night). I wanted to work on a new baby quilt called Patchwork Jungle by Hoffman Fabrics. I layed out the quilt, cut, sewed, and put the borders on last night. It took me about 5 hours start to finish. I would have got up and quilted it this morning, but I didn't have a thread to quilt it with. I picked out a Superior Rainbows thread for the top and a gold bottom line thread while I was working today so I could quilt it tonight. I took out my camera to take a picture of a quilt at work and forgot my camera at work!
About 4 it got terribly icy and Paul came and picked me up and it was slow going, but we made it home. There have been over 50 accidents in the Rapid City area already. It's blowing, snowing, and just plain nasty out now. We're below zero and supposed to be cold and blowing snow all day tomorrow, so I'm guessing I won't be working.
I quilted the baby quilt tonight and put the binding on. I started hand sewing the binding down while we watched the last night of the National Finals Rodeo. JJ won 3rd in the world! We're very proud of our friend. I have several projects I plan to work on if we're snowed in tomorrow. I'll post a picture of the baby quilt when I get my camera back from work.


jillquilts said...

Stay warm! and have fun quilting!

KyQuiltlady said...

Snowy weather is a good time to stay in and quilt, that is, if the electric don't go off. Hope you enjoyed quilting today. The Patchwork Jungle quilt looks like a good pattern. Thanks for the link.