Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mom's Friendship Braid Christmas Quilt

In Feb. 2006 mom wanted to take a Friendship Braid Class from one of our favorite instructors, but she had broke her leg and couldn't take the class. I didn't want to pay for the class or buy the fabric, since it was a scrap class and I had none, so we made a deal. I would take the class and do all the sewing during the class. She would provide the scraps, help with the homework sewing, and pay for the class. We got the entire top done by the end of the class. So I told her I would quilt it if she would pin baste. So I quilted it on my 6600 and it turned the machine red!

This was the first quilt I tried using a stensil and FMQin on. It was definately a learning experience and I'm not real great at it, but I knew mom would understand. As I did more, they did get better.
I echo quilted around the braids and then did the stencil in the red.

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