Friday, December 05, 2008

Wranger National Finals Rodeo - It's NFR time!!!!

This is my favorite time of year! The NFR started last night in Las Vegas and after round 1, my friend JJ Elshere tied for 8th! Today is also his 29th birthday. I went to a small country school with 8-15 people K-8th grades depending on the year. I was in the same class as my friend Amy and JJ. We were the largest class all through grade school. Amy and I went to school the entire time together, JJ joined our class in 4th grade. We all went to Philip for high school and graduated together. Each year I love to watch the NFR, but especially when guys I know are in it. This year I'll be watching JJ, Jesse, Chad, Bryce, Billy, and Chet. Amy and JJ both had the same birthday - Dec. 5th, so I'll always remember it and I'm thinking of both of them tonight. I'll be watching the 2nd round at 11 tonight when it comes on to see how the guys did. One solid week of staying up late every night to watch the rodeos... I can't wait.

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Jen said...

Moneik...what is NFR??