Monday, December 01, 2008

Carol Doak Quilt Group

Back in Fall 2006 I was pretty active in the Carol Doak Online Quilt Group. I really learned to paper piece and actually fell in love with it for a time. This is the 1000 member block which turned into a trivet for a relative of Paul's.
1000 member block
I used this beginners block to learn and then gave it away as a trivet to another relative.
Beginner Block
I started the row by row quilt and got two rows done and quit. I wasn't interested in finishing, but it was a good learning experience.
Moneik Quilts 046
Moneik's Row By Row
I'm glad I learned to paper piece and I really do enjoy it, but at this time in my life it's not at the top of my priority list.

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Jennifer said...

I'm with you Moneik - I am also a member and did a lot of pp'ing the first year, but nothing since I completed the BOM. Still very glad I know and enjoy the technique though, and Carol still posts some good patterns there from time to time.