Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well I love long weekends, but I hate going back to work. I got off early on Wed. and came home expecting to write a few emails, only to discover that our internet wasn't working. Thurs. morning we got up and picked up my little brother Ed and went to our brother Jim and his wife Addie's house. They were both not feeling good, but my parents were there and we got the meal on and it went well. Everyone took naps in the afternoon and I did some computer work. Then we looked through all the adds and gave mom ideas for Christmas gifts. We had supper and then came home.
Friday we got up about 9 and went shopping. We had made a list and only went where we had things we wanted to get. I got most of what I wanted. Only a few things weren't available. We were home by 2 and the only place I walked out of was Hancock's because they didn't have enough people working and there were huge lines. Fri. night I went to Sit and Sew and worked on the banner. Then mom and I did power shopping. We did really well and there weren't any lines.
Sat. we had Paul's grandparents out for dinner. We made all the fixings and had a nice time. Then Paul put together the new gas grill he got a deal on. Then we went to the Parade of Lights. It was really good and not as cold as some years. We have gone every year we have been dating. Sunday I spent cleaning. I cleaned up my sewing room and bedroom. I finished up my one UFO and got ready for the week. Last night I made a purple fleece vest for me. Tonight I made my Nov. block for the Carol Doak group.

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Jen said...

I wondered where you went! Now this explains it. Stupid internet. =) Glad you had such a nice time off.