Friday, November 16, 2007

Sew and Sews

Wed. night I had really good intentions of going to sit and sew and getting a bag made for my friend. Well everyone else cancelled, so we didn't have it. My mom and I went shopping instead which was fun.
Last night was Sew and Sews. This is a club where everyone has a variety of interests. Some embroider, some quilt, some do garments, and others do quicky projects. It's an interesting group, but definately the older ladies. Very few take classes, so I don't see them other than every other month. Last night we had an ornament exchange. I made a postcard and put a hanger on it as my exchange ornament. I won a Marie Osmond embroidered ornament. We also learned about a lot of the new products that they picked up at Market a few weeks ago. My favorite is a new olfa rotary cutter that one side of the other comes uncovered, depending on if you are right or left handed and it had a snap on snap off blade changing system. It is a little bigger, so it fits better in the hand too. I LOVE it and put it on my wish list for christmas. We also learned how to fold fabrics with a 8 1/2x24" ruler, so it fits better and is more organized. They also brought home the new frosted rulers. I had seen them before, but now they are going to carry them. Plus there were tons of new books to look at! It's always fun to go and see the show and tell that everyone has too. I didn't see any ideas that I just had to make, but there were some nice projects finished. Hopefully tonight I can go home and relax and maybe sew a bit. I'm exhausted from being out every night this week.


Kristie said...

Sounds like a nice time. Take it easy and rest up, you've been very busy.

jillquilts said...

Ohh, take a pic of the Marie Osmond ornament! I'd love to see that! Glad that you had a good time at your Sew and Sews!

Jen said...

Your ornament exchange sounds like a blast! I saw those rotary cutters, it sounds like it would be just the thing for when Mom and I work together. I'm a lefty, she's a righty. Actually I cut both ways and I've found the Fons and Porter is very good at going either direction.