Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quilting Retreat Day 1

Well today was the first day my mom, Leslie - Paul's mom, and I planned to sew the tablerunners for our wedding. Last night, Paul, my dad, and my little brother Ed, headed home to the ranch as it was opening weekend of deer season. I slept in this morning and then finished up the bag I made at class the last two nights. It is really cool, but you'll have to wait to see pictures as Paul took the camera. Leslie and I had lunch together and then did some shopping. We moved the furniture and brought sewing tables into the living room. We set up the ironing board, our machines, and about 4 started sewing. We got the stratta's done in about 2 hours. Mom came after she got off work, so it was about 5:30. She set up her embroidery machine and started working on the backs. We did take a break for supper, but otherwise we worked straight through. We got 5 tops completely done, 15 more that the main part is done, but they need borders, and there are 6 backs that still need to be done. Then we have to put the batting in and quilt and put the binding on. The project is coming along pretty well, so I'm excited. Hopefully when Paul gets home I can take pictures and show our progress.

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Jen said...

Wow, it sounds like you got a lot done too!! Are you doing quilt retreat again today? Mom and I are but she hasn't arrived yet. =( Oh wel, I'm way ahead of her for the day. We need to run to our 2 quilt stores as well.