Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another summer tote!

I finished another summer tote tonight. It took me right at 3 hours to complete it. It is for a friend for Christmas. I'm hoping she will like it. My co-workers were giving me a bad time that I haven't made anything for them and they are friends. I said well Christmas is coming. I can't show you something if it's for you. I hope they got the hint. I have a couple table runners I am making them and a wall hanging for another coworker. I have big plans to quilt my b/w quilt this weekend. We'll see if that happens. It'll depend on how much company we have. I finally got Yahoo to accept more RSS today, so I added a bunch more blogs to my daily reading. Today was boring at work. Everyone has to be registered tomorrow, so I am done with most of my work. Next week with the start may be busy with last minute ones, but I usually slow down for a couple weeks now. I haven't heard much today, so I'm guessing everyone was sewing up a storm or having other fun.


Jen said...

You'll have to do like I'm doing. PUt the posts in as drafts and then publish after christmas so we can all see everything. How funny that they're giving you such a hard time.

jillquilts said...

Glad the RSS stuff worked. I am still posting my pics about my Christmas presents - but I don't think that they check my blog so I should be safe. Good lulck getting everything done!

Kristie said...

I haven't made the first Christmas gift. I made a couple of potholders but I ended up using them myself.