Monday, November 26, 2007


I finally finished my only true UFO! I still have to get the quilt markings out, but otherwise it is done. I loved it when I made it, but I couldn't get the binding to come out right. Three years ago when my grandma was at my house in Buffalo for Thanksgiving, my mom and her helped me make the bias binding. It was the first time I had made it. Well I couldn't get the corners right, my mom tried, and finally it went into a box. I was determined to get it done! The little corners aren't perfect, but it is done. Now my b/w quilt and the tablerunners aren't considered UFO's because I'm working on them. I am the finishing queen. I hate not finishing something I make.

november sewing 015


Michelle said...

Very pretty!

Jen said...

That's very pretty and that deep scalloped border/binding is really ambitious! I would have had no idea how to finish that one. GOSH, seriously your only UFO? I used to have self control like that and then welll....I started falling in love with EVERYTHING and have a few projects going on at once.