Monday, November 12, 2007

Quilting Retreat Day 2

Our quilting retreat day 2 was really awesome. Mom and I went to church early and then we came back and sewed. We got the tops done and then went to lunch and the fabric store. We all spent quite a bit, but Hancock's was having all their notions, fleece. and batting on sale for 50% off. By last night about 5:30 I had put on two bindings as seen in the photos below of our finished table runners. Each tablerunner is made up of a strada A and a strada B. We made 5 sets of A & B, then we mixed them up so no two A's would go with the same B's. So each tablerunner is completely different then the next. They have a really cool saying my mom embroidered on the back too. Leslie and I quilted them as mom basted. We got 8 basted and quilted, two with bindings, and 10 that need to be basted and quilted, but we had to clean up as my mom needed to head home.

This is Paul's mom Leslie and Missy the dog in our sewing arrangement. We were in the living room and my mom was on the kitchen table.
We had the ironing board set up on one end of the kitchen and the cutting mat on the kitchen counter. My mom is at the table working on embroidery for the backs of the table runners.
Sewing 2
It was a long couple days, but we got a lot accomplished.


Jen said...

Those look fantastic!!!! You guys are doing a great job on them. Did I tell you I finally understand how to join the binding without folding one end under? So what's the saying on the back?

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Isn't it so much fun being able to sew with others? You sure got alot done in a short period of time. I love the runners and I want to know what the saying on the back is?

Kristie said...

Oh, I love them!!! They are beautiful! Looks like you all had a great time.