Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kids Camping & Parade

We went camping over the Labor Day weekend. Since I so often take pictures of Mathew, I thought I would try to get a few of Mikaela. She was less than cooperative. Here are a few from our Saturday morning, right after she got ready for the day.

Camping 2013-09-01 005

Camping 2013-09-01 014

Camping 2013-09-01 015
Later in the day we went to the beach. Mathew didn't like the beach, but he did have fun on the shore.
Kids 2013-09-01 002
Mikaela and mommy played in the sand.
Kids 2013-09-01 011
Later in the evening we went back and Mathew played with Grandma Leslie.
Kids 2013-09-01 020
He loves to stand up and wants to walk, just can't move the feet just right yet.
Kids 2013-09-01 026
Mikaela was sporting her new water wings. She loves the water.
Kids 2013-09-01 032
Last Saturday we went to Keystone for the Holy Terror Day Parade.

Kids 2013-09-07 002

Kids 2013-09-07 005

Kids 2013-09-07 008
A sweet lady offered to take our family picture. It's been forever since we've had one taken.
Kids 2013-09-07 014
Grandpa Hugh came and took Mikaela.
Kids 2013-09-07 019
He took her for her first moving pony ride. She loved it and wanted to go back again and again.
Kids 2013-09-07 021

Kids 2013-09-07 023
She was slow to learn how to pick up candy, but eventually she got it!
Kids 2013-09-07 038
Grandpa Hugh, Mathew, and Daddy sat back and watched near the store.
Kids 2013-09-07 041
Grandma Ann was on the Emporium float. Mikaela was too busy catching bouncy balls to recognize her.
Kids 2013-09-07 049
It was a great day for a parade and lunch with grandma and grandpa. The kids were beat!

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