Monday, September 09, 2013

Central States Fair Ribbons

This year I set a goal of having as many quilts in the Central States fair as I possibly could. I worked up until the night before to get them all ready and finished. I was bound and determined to show the nasty quilt lady that I could bring in more this year than I did last year.
This is my purple hand pieced star.
Quilt 2013-08-17 006
My lone star for Mathew
Quilt 2013-08-17 007
A panel baby quilt I made for Mathew
Quilt 2013-08-17 008
Hugs and Kisses from Scrappy Batkiks
Quilt 2013-08-17 009
The Owl panel baby quilt and Emilee's scrappy swap quilt
Quilt 2013-08-17 010
Poinsetta table toppers
Quilt 2013-08-17 011
Friendship Stars wall hanging
Quilt 2013-08-17 012
Scraps from Briar Rose table topper
Quilt 2013-08-17 013
Let it Snow Batik pillow
Quilt 2013-08-17 014
Mocha Meriengue Wonder Blocks, Briar Rose, Let it Snow Batik
Quilt 2013-08-17 015
Unity Wall Hanging
Quilt 2013-08-17 017
Happy Hour Farm Friends
Quilt 2013-08-17 018
Easy 4 Baby quilt
Quilt 2013-08-17 019
Blush Hexies
Quilt 2013-08-17 020
Thangles BOM
Quilt 2013-08-17 021
Pink Chevron, Race Cars
Quilt 2013-08-17 022
Hexie Diamond Wall Hanging
Quilt 2013-08-17 023
Beach Bag
Quilt 2013-08-17 025
Sewing Pants
Quilt 2013-08-17 026
Mikaela's Skirt
Quilt 2013-08-17 027
Mikaela's Dress
Quilt 2013-08-17 028
And Finally - My Christmas Purse that WON best in class and Judges Choice! I was so excited, since I hadn't planned to enter it, but did at the last minute.
Quilt 2013-08-17 029


Jennifer said...

Wow! That's quite a haul of ribbons - congrats on them all and especially for showing up the mean lady!

Colleen said...

Holy cow! You were a busy lady. Congrats on all your submissions and ribbons. Will you top the number next year?

Sara said...

I saw LOTS of ribbons on all of that hard work. Good for you! And a big congrats on that Best of Show - very deserving. said...

Wow great job! What beautiful work.

Deb A said...

Congrats Moneik! That is a lot of ribbons for your quilts. Great job.