Monday, July 01, 2013

Last Week of Freedom

This was my last week/weekend of freedom from school. Tomorrow another class starts and I'll have to keep up the rigorous pace of class. I've really enjoyed having almost a month off. I'll have a few things due this week, but the major paper won't be due for 2 weeks, so I can enjoy the long holiday weekend.
Here's another shot of the blocks I made for Emilee's Friendship quilt
Saturday morning I was up bright and early as Paul was going to work on a house, so at 6:30, while the kids slept, I sewed these two blocks for Jenn as part of our friendship block swap. I am now officially caught up! I'm glad several asked for bright scraps and white. It was fun to work with them.
Quilt 2013-06-29 002
Friday night after the kids were in bed and it was after 10, I started and made this little dress for Mikaela to wear to the preview party. I had bought the fabric a couple years ago and always intended to make her something out of it. I just was inspired Friday and whipped it out in under an hour.
Kids 2013-06-29 012
 I was able to get a bit of quilting time in due to the delayed race, so I quilted up Hugs & Kisses, a scrappy batik quilt. I had made if for a sample a while ago and realized it was on my UFO list, so I got it quilted. I hope to get binding on before we go camping this weekend, so I can do the handwork.
Quilt 2013-06-30 002
I also loaded this quilt. It's the leftover scraps from 5 other baby quilts I have made using this fabric and I think it may be going to a friend having a baby girl, but we'll see. I never know when inspiration may hit and I'll give it away. It is also on the UFO list. Again I hope to get the binding sewn on this week before we go camping.
Quilt 2013-06-30 007

I feel so productive and I was able to take in 9 projects to TSC I had completed. They weren't on my UFO list, but it felt good to have sewn that much. I don't really having many projects with deadlines right now, so I've been working on odds and ends. I have fabric for a light weight car seat blanket and I hope to get that done before camping, but reality says probably not. I also have an a special request diaper clutch I need to get made in the next couple weeks. I plan to get more sewing on my EPP project done while we are camping as well.


Melinda c said...

You should feel productive...I love all the colors!

Colleen said...

I'm always amazed at how much you get done in a week. The dress is so cute, and she looks adorable in it!