Monday, July 15, 2013

Shooting with Daddy

A couple weeks ago we went out to Dad & Ann's new place to get some firewood for our camping trip. Paul got in a little prairie dog hunting while we were out there. The kids and I stayed safely in the back of the pickup.

Kids 2013-06-23 005

Kids 2013-06-23 014
Mikaela loves to hold Mathew now.
Kids 2013-06-23 018

Kids 2013-06-23 035 - Copy
Daddy with his new shooting bench.
Kids 2013-06-23 042
Mathew in his cowboy boots from Grandpa and Ann
Kids 2013-06-23 043
After we got home, we hung around outside and enjoyed the shade.
Kids 2013-06-23 050
She loves to hug, but isn't real good at looking at the camera for me.
Kids 2013-06-23 078

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Janet said...

Your kids are so cute!! Love to see the pictures. I like Mikaela's hat!