Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ahhhh's & Swoon

This week I spent a considerable less amount of time in the sewing studio. I've been away from home a lot and spent a lot of time riding in vehicles. I did spend quite a bit of time working on Ahhh's. My goal is 2 per month, although I get about 8 each month. I'm focusing on the beginner and intermediate ones. I have 12 done and 5 more prepped in kits, ready to baste and sew together.
This is #23 Razor Sharp, I thought it should be knife blades and blood.
Tilt a Whirl is #19 and I worked on it for 4 days to get it together. I probably spent 20 min. to an hour each day on it.
I took all my finished ahhhh's to show my great aunts on Monday when I visited them. I decided it might be fun to see how they will look on the black batik background I have picked out. My goal is to do them with black triangles in between. I've been working on these for 7 months, so I need to finish up a couple more to get up to my goal. So far this has been a fun challenge. I'm not quite ready to tackle the advanced ones, but these I can easily handle.
Last night I took the time to work on a Swoon block for the quilt along. I got all the HST's made (after a bit of ripping) and got 1/3 put together. It takes me so long to remember how to make the block for how I have them cut out, but when I get going they go together pretty quickly. This is a dark picture taken quite late at night. Maybe tomorrow night I can finish it up as I have class tonight.

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Sara said...

These ahhhh blocks are fascinating - each one is unique. I've been kind of afraid to tackle them.