Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swoon Along 2013

FairyFace Designs
Thanks to Andee at The Modern Diary, I found Sarah from Fairy Face Designs who is hosting a Swoon Quilt Along. Since I didn't get in until the very end of the last one, I decided I need to participate in order to get this quilt top done. I pulled up the blocks I made:
My first one in March 2012, I decided I didn't like it. the pink was too much.
The 2nd one made at a Swoon Along party with friends in June 2012. Gaila who hosted the party is already done with her quilt.
In October 2012, when I didn't have a designated quilting space, I cut up kits for the remaining 6 blocks, which are still not sewn!
I did make the orange and aqua ones in October 2012, but that is the last time I worked on it. I pulled them out to take to retreat, but never started. In the mean time I have made a large scrappy Swoon top.

It's time to get back at these blocks. I'm going to challenge myself to make one every 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll get back in the groove and get them done. What's holding me back? I'm making the HST's using the Lazy Flying Geese Ruler and it takes a little thinking on my part.Once I get going, it's much easier to make the FG that way, but I do have to concentrate a bit. I'm going to shoot for Oct. having all the blocks made and ready to put together at Fall retreat. That's my goal and I'm sticking to it! I might have to get my co-conspirator in quilting Emilee to join me as we started this together.


Sara said...

The blocks with the floral in the larger section really look great. They seem to pop more than the first block so I can see why you switched the position. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

It's going to be beautiful when you're all finished! The orange block is my favorite.
I love Terrain:) I made my daughter a quilt from it a couple of years ago.

Melinda c said...

I love everyone of them...I can never get too much pink though!

Andee said...

Your blocks are looking great! Are you sticking to your goals to get this one done, lol...you will be so glad you did!