Monday, June 17, 2013

Girls Sewing Night

Friday night I got together with some good girl friends to sew. We sewed up a storm and I feel like I was really productive. I started with this Chevron quilt made with a Max and Whiskers layer cake. It's for a class I am teaching in August. I was going to baste it and then hope to quilt it. I didn't have quite enough backing fabric, so I went and got more. Then I layered it with an 80/20 batting and basted it. I quilted it with a medium gray Aurifil on top and a light gray Aurifil on the bottom. I used mom's Bernina 730 to quilt it, as that is the machine I had that night. It worked really well and I was able to get it completely quilted. It's so weird to quilt a large quilt on a home machine after using my frame for so long. I needed the sample done by June 29th, so I just had to make myself do it. I'm happy it's quilted and hope to get the binding on yet this week.
After I finished quilting, I didn't have the binding fabric with me, so I finished up this block for a friendship block exchange I am doing with my sewing friends and the girls from the hospital. Since Tammy was giving me such grief about how hard my block is, I made a challenging one for her as well. I had all but about 4 seams done and just had to finish them up. I turne out well for a block with that many seams.
I also made her this memory block. She gave us 3 fat 1/4's each and these are the 2 - 12" blocks I came up with using the fabric.

It was lots of fun sewing together and I really enjoyed getting so much done. I felt so extremely productive and now I feel like I can get the Chevron quilt finished before the preview party.

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